Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Murder of James Bulger

James Bulger (16 March 1990 – 12 February 1993) was a victim of abduction and murder in Liverpool, England, in 1993. His killers were two 10-year-old boys, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson (both born in August 1982). Thompson and Venables were released on a life licence in June 2001, after serving eight years in prison, when a parole hearing concluded that public safety would not be threatened by their rehabilitation. The court ordered details could not be published about the boys, for fear of reprisals. The injunction remained in force following their release, so their new identities and locations could not be published. They are now living new lives with new names.

Public feeling ran very high (especially in Liverpool) both during their trial and after their subsequent release. There was a riot outside the court after their first trial. Would you consider that their actions in kidnapping James were immoral or perhaps amoral?

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